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Press release: AquaEasy officially signed memorandum of understanding with Grobest

Monday, 24/10/2022, 13:19

Press release: AquaEasy officially signed memorandum of understanding with Grobest

On October 19, 2022, AquaEasy Vietnam, a joint venture - Bosch's innovation hub graw platform, A Bosch Company, together with Grobest Group - a leader expertising in the field of researching and developing natural & antibiotic-free feed products for environmentally friendly and sustainable aquaculture officially signed Memorandum of Understanding.

Signing ceremony between AquaEasy and Grobest - Photo: AquaEasy

Through this partnership, Grobest will deploy AquaEasy's smart solutions including AI solutions, intelligent feeders (i-feederTM) and ShrimpTalkTM into their ecosystem. This is an opportunity for AquaEasy to shape the current and future aquaculture by applying technology to traditional farming.

How the AI solution of AquaEasy looks like - Photo: AquaEasy

Some outstanding advantages of AQUAEASY compared to traditional farming methods are as follows:

* Save feed up to 20 - 30%.

* Improve productivity by double on the same farming area.

* Easy to measure pond parameters, high accuracy, data is stored in the cloud so it can be accessed on phones/ipad/laptops anytime, anywhere. If the farming environment is abnormal, the system gives warnings and recommends handling measures in time.

* Accurate calculation of shrimp biomass in ponds according to different ages.

* Easy access to pond information (traceability).

* Support animal welfare, improve the sustainability of the shrimp farming industry.

In order to facilitate farmers to use technology, AQUAEASY offers a monthly subscription solution, farmers only pay the subscription while rearing (not counting the time to renovate the pond) at the end of the harvest.

AQUAEASY team will come to the pond to advise, install, operate and maintain equipment for farmers.

Interested shrimp farmers, please contact for detailed advice.

Email: giau@seabinagroup.com

Phone/Viber/Whatsapp/Line/Zalo: +84.0908.558.093

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